Vasectomy Service Patient Satisfaction Survey 2015-16


Westgate Surgery, Otley.

All patients were issued with a satisfaction survey;

85 of 85 were returned – 100% response rate which is excellent and much better than historically. Giving out the survey on the day of procedure has been a positive change in practice in terms of feedback.

Survey results;

Q1; Offer of choice  – 44 of 85  said yes – 52%

Q2 ; Information satisfactory 85 of 85 yes – 100%

Q3; convenience of appointment 70 of 85 Very Good, 15 Good

Q4; Staff attitude   84 of 85 Very Good, 1 Good

Q5;Information during consultation and the procedure 85 of 85 Yes and 100% easy to understand.

Q6; Local anaesthetic work well 85 of 85 yes

Q7; Post procedure information 85 of 85 happy with this information

Q8; Friends and Family rating of service 85 of 85 Very Good and would recommend the service.

Sample of Comments; “Nothing could have been better” “Great service, Great Staff” “Very professional at all times made me feel very comfortable” “Staff were brilliant at relaxing me during the procedure” “Everything was first class” “Staff were great, Thank you” “Fabulous, amazing, personal”

“Friday would have fitted better with my diary”

We also send a reminder for the semen analysis at 16w post procedure with a slip to return with details of any complications after the procedure. We have not received any of these in the past 12m. Nor have we had any letters from secondary care with details of any post-operative complications during this period.



One patient mentioned having the vasectomy done on a Friday – the literature we send does mention the offer of appointments at times other than our usual Thursdays we try to be flexible for patients.

We have started doing some sessions on a Friday afternoon which is proving popular.

Overall we are delighted with the results of the survey and the lack of reported complications. The change to handing out surveys on the day has been very positive. The written feedback is outstanding and as a team we are delighted that patients feel so pleased with the service we provide.

We will continue to strive to provide the best possible service for the patients attending.



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