Services We Offer…

Asthma, Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease and Strokes

These conditions are common and require careful ongoing management. For this reason the practice offers special appointments for patients with these diseases.

Child Health

The doctors check babies’ development at 8 weeks. The health visitor will arrange checks at other times.The practice nurses provide the full range of child immunisations starting at 8 weeks old.

Maternity Medical Services

All the doctors provide maternity services and a community midwife attends the surgery.

Cervical Smears

Women between 25 and 65 years will be invited for a cervical smear every 3 years. This should detect any early changes of the cervix, which should help ensure early successful treatment.

Minor Surgery

The practice provides a comprehensive service of minor surgery procedures under local anaesthetic, injections and treatments with liquid nitrogen.

Vasectomy Clinic

Leeds North West Vasectomy Clinic is run weekly from the surgery by Dr Oliver Sykes.

Travel Health

The practice nurses are happy to advise on all aspects of travel health and will organise any vaccinations you may need; however exotic your destination!

Family Planning

A full family planning service is available at the surgery.

Smoking Cessation

Specially trained members of staff who help patients give up smoking.

Services Not Covered By The NHS

Certain services, e.g. HGV examinations, insurance forms, private certificates etc. are not covered by the NHS and a charge will be made. A list of current charges is available at reception.

Contact Details

Surgery Telephone Number:
01943 660533

Please ring 01943 660533 for Appointments, Visits, Results* and General Enquiries.

*Please note that Results can only be given out between 3.00pm-5.00pm.

Telephone Change: Please ring 01943 660533 for Appointments, Visits, Prescriptions*, Results* and General Enquiries.
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